This page is about (board) games I have designed or am in the process of designing. If you’re interested in my thoughts and musings about games, you should go to this page. This is an on-going project to write up these. This page will probably never be “finished”.

Finished Games

The following games are games that are more or less completed. They’re not published or anything, but they hold water and don’t need to be tweaked.

Same Difference

Same Difference is a party game that asks how two things are the same… or different. Read all about here.


Collusion is a microgame I designed to be able to fit on a business card.

“So, what did YOU do?” (24-hour Game Design Contest, Jan 2014)

A 24-hour game design contest entry. So, what did you do? is a game of competing co-workers out to have the best holiday. You’ve booked a lovely holiday to a foreign city, confident in your ability to answer the inevitable, “So, what did you do on your holiday?” with more than a “uhh…” …but then you found out a co-worker has booked the exact same trip. Now you have to rush around and see as many of the sights as you can before your opponent does, and use whatever you can to have the most impressive story to tell when you get back.

The game is a light, quick game with an element of take-that-edness. The core component is map-based set-collection, with an additional secret set-collection objective. Designed and playtested in less than 24 hours, I can’t speak to its quality. Anyway, you can print off the rules and components here if you’d like.

Works in Progress

These games are in various states of undress. Please knock before entering if prudish or puritanical, but if you want some titillating glimpses at things that may never come, then by all means entrez-vous.

(Work in Progress) ScribbleCiv

ScribbleCiv is a 2 player pen-and-paper Civilization game. Maybe not 4X, but it’s definitely got a couple of Xs. All the main bits are there, and there’s a pretty fun game somewhere here, but a lot of development of the details is needed.

(Work in Progress) Solo Galaxy Exploration Game

(Work in Progress) Semantic and Orthographic Word Game

(Work in Progress) Adjectives Game

Prototyped with a good reception, but trended toward naughty and inappropriate in an uncomfortable (not fun) way. Tweaking of the cards is required.

(Abandoned) Zombie Game

The core of this one is a movement mechanic that (literally) came to me in a dream. I think the mechanic is pretty OK, but I never managed to make a game around this one.