Boards for Icehouse Games
1 minute read

I’m a pretty big fan of the Icehouse pieces game system. There are an embarrassing wealth of riches designed for the system, including the inimitible Binary Homeworlds.

At one point, I decided I would draw up boards for all my favorite games, and package them together in a single handy binder along with well-formatted rules. I didn’t get very far, but I did make some boards with handy rules reminders right on ‘em. These are they.


Now (2019) available to play online at Board Game Arena, this is a wood-chopping game of forest growth and protestors.

You can get a logging theme board right here.


A brilliant little placement game, I went a little too all-out on the design of this one, with sidewalks and crosswalks and everything that won’t show up well unless you have a crazy DPI color printer. Check out my board here.


Everything you need to play except icehouse pieces in one handy PDF.


Lastly, though it isn’t a particular favorite, it was the very first Icehouse game I ever played, Hextris. No handy rules reminders on this one, sorry. Still, if you ever have need for a black and white printable Hextris board, I’ve got you.