Hi! Welcome to my website on the internet!

Mission Statement

I have come to believe that documentation is a part of the creative act. Like that tree in the forest, if you don’t have proof that you did something, have you really done it? I like to come up with ideas and I like to instantiate them, but I often find documenting both the creative process and the finished product to be tedious drudgery. Nonetheless, tediously drudge we must, so I am going to try to document things I do. Here, on my website, on the internet.

Who am I?

I’m a thirty-something currently living near Toronto with my wife. I was raised in New England, did my undergraduate in Scotland and masters in (old) England, before doing a PhD in Amsterdam on Computer Vision & Multimedia. If you’re interested in that academic stuff, you can visit my academic website. Currently, I work building conversational AI at Replicant.ai.

What do I like to do?

My interests include boardgames, science fiction books, bicycle touring, ukulele, rock climbing, and travel. I don’t do as much of any of these things as I would like.

Why is this website called this?

Maybe it’s the programmer in me, but I quite like self-descriptive naming. I registered this website on a whim, and am now trying to use it to gather proof of a digital life in a single place.

A note about the posting dates

I am actively working to collect things I did previously onto this website. That includes stuff I did yesterday, last year, or 5+ years ago. The dates used on content are either the date it was published on this website, or backdated to when the work was done/published elsewhere. I realize that may be confusing, but the goal is to produce a mostly accurate chronology of when XYZ was actually done.